The power of marketing 

Pacific Islands Trade & Invest has assisted Kiribati based KiriCraft Central Pacific in marketing their recreational power catamarans in Australia and New Zealand. The business is providing jobs for I-Kiribati, and in just two years the business secured more than AUD$1.78 million in sales.

Ex-pat Australian, Michael Savins, established KiriCraft after leaving Australia. Based in Tarawa, Kiricraft targets the Australian and New Zealand markets. With a finished retail price of AUD$400,000, KiriCraft’s 11-metre power catamarans compete favourably with local and other importers in both markets because of its preferential duty free entry.

Pacific Islands Trade & Invest assisted KiriCraft in developing an indepth marketing plan and securing distribution agents for entry into the Australian market. Pacific Trade & Invest is currently funding a modest campaign to secure more Australian distributors and brokers.

“The expert advise, contacts and marketing we’ve received from Pacific Islands Trade & Invest has been crucial in helping us secure our distribution channels in the Australian market,” said Mr Savins.

To date, KiriCraft has made more than AUD$1.78 million worth of sales into the Australian market. The company has also provided full-time employment for 18 I-Kiribati who are trained in boatbuilding by three fully qualified Australian tradespersons.

Pacific Islands Trade & Invest continues to provide assistance to KiriCraft.